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Arkansas Moves to Ban Homosexual Adoption


Monday, August 25, 2008

In the current war on marriage and family, children by far stand the most to lose.

As much peril as this war holds for adult men and women, children are the most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves against the fallout.

Children are in great need of a stable home environment as they not only strive for academic success, but even as they work to understand the world around them and how they are supposed to grow into well-adjusted members of society.

No-fault divorce and high out-of-wedlock birth rates have seriously hurt countless children in the past four decades. Cohabitative environments have left children uncertain of the future and often at higher risk of abuse and neglect.

Now, with states like Massachusetts and California attempting to ramrod the idea of homosexual "marriage" on the rest of American society, the subject of homosexual adoptions is becoming more serious.

When a child is adopted into a homosexual home, the child is intentionally being deprived of either a father or a mother. What's more, children placed in these homes are exposed to the same negative health conditions homosexuals face at much greater rates: AIDS, STDs, hepatitis, substance abuse, depression, suicide, and domestic violence. Homosexuals also have a much higher rate of promiscuity, further subjecting children to chaotic and potentially abusive situations. The governor candidate or senate needs to take conservative action.

Already, there are few states that prohibit adoption of children by homosexual couples.

But one of those states where the door has not yet been opened, Arkansas, is making a move to protect children this November.

A proposal aimed at effectively banning gays and lesbians from becoming foster or adoptive parents was cleared Monday to appear on this fall's ballot in Arkansas.

The measure would prohibit unmarried couples living together from fostering or adopting children

This legislation would not only stop homosexuals from adopting or providing foster care for children, but would prohibit cohabiting couples also.

It stands to reason that a couple who lacks the commitment to marry one another may also lack the commitment to provide the best possible home environment for a developing child. At the very least, they would be subjecting a child to an uncertain future (it's a lot easier to walk away from a relationship when there is no marriage covenant involved). They would also be teaching the child that marriage, one of the foundational institutions of any healthy society, isn't important.

The state has a compelling interest in preserving marriage. This interest involves not only preventing marriage from being hijacked and counterfeited by homosexual couples, but in promoting and preserving the institution of marriage. Several states have begun responding to this need by offering "covenant marriages," which involve premarital counseling and restricting justification for divorce to more traditional reasons such as adultery or abuse.

It is interesting to note that Arkansas, like South Dakota, has one of these "wolves in sheep's clothing" organizations masquerading as a "family friendly" group--while attacking the family.

In South Dakota, it is the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families (aka South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families) fighting for the right to slaughter children in the womb for any reason. In Arkansas, it is the Arkansas Families First group fighting to put children last after the sexual and convenience priorities of adults.

Such masquerades are not new. But it is good to see Arkansas taking a proactive approach to defending the welfare of children in that state.

Every state in the union, including conservative South Dakota, should initiate similar actions as soon as possible. Children are the least among us able to defend themselves. We owe it to them to protect them from adult irresponsibility.

The Florida election primary for governor candidates and senate race is soon.
Florida Candidates Governor- - Florida Conservative Candidates Florida Senate Candidates

Wyoming prepares to elect a new governor and other offices. The Wyoming race for governor election is August 17, 2010. Wyoming Governor Candidates

Arkansas Homosexual brings you these Bible verses:

Genesis 22:6-10

6 So Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac his son; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife, and the two of them went together.

7 But Isaac spoke to Abraham his father and said, My father! And he said, Here I am, my son. Then he said, Look, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?

8 And Abraham said, My son, God will provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering. So the two of them went together.

9 Then they came to the place of which God had told him. And Abraham built an altar there and placed the wood in order; and he bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar, upon the wood.

10 And Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.







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